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How much does it cost to restore a headstone? 

Pricing starts at $99.99.  Pricing is adjusted based on the size and needs identified during the FREE condition evaluation. The goal is always to bring it up to its optimum condition and keep it that way.  


What does a cleaning include?  

Removal of all hard water, polishing vases or bronze plaques and edging away the grass around the base.  The first cleaning is always the most challenging.

How much does the annual maintenance plan cost? 

After customers receive their first cleaning they are eligible to receive the discount of up to 50% off any future cleanings that occur as long as they are not more a year from the previous maintenance cleaning.  The discount is given only when purchased with the current years cleaning.  The Pricing can be locked in for up to 5 years when paid in advance. Without participation in the plan you will pay the full restoration price for the service the next time you need it.  We highly recommend this service as it provides you with significant savings and keeps the headstone in its best cared for condition.

What does the annual maintenance plan include?  

Removal of all hard water, polishing vases or bronze plaques and edging the grass around the base. Annual maintenance customers receive priority attention to be sure their prepaid work is competed and ready for any a special date you determine in the following year. (Birthday, Memorial Day, Mothers day, etc.) New customers will be served as time permits after the pre- paid customers are taken care of.

How long does it last?  

We recommend headstones be touched up once a year with our discounted annual maintenance plan to keep that new look.  You wouldn't go over a year without cleaning hard water off your sink faucet and shouldn't let memorials go for extended periods of time without attention.

How long does it take to restore a headstone?  

Usually the work can be completed in one day but it can take as long as 3 days depending on how much needs to be done   

What is used to clean headstones?  

It depends on what is being removed.  The hard water is removed by using a decades old, Memorial Industry proven blend of hydrochloric acid and soaps.  It's put on and then scrubbed off with distilled water.  It is then followed by a special foam glass cleanstone rubbing to remove any remaining particulates and then rinsed again.

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